By: Keketso Majoe

So there you are getting dressed, pumped up to get your day started, because honey you just got that mane done and that new style is on check. In your mind you step out thinking, “ain’t nobody look like me”. BUT unfortunately for you, just a few minutes after you strut that concrete cat walk, you find someone looking just like you…

Too many of us strive to be unique in this world where so many of us look and act the same as someone else. Think about it, everyone has something unique about them, right? But someone else might have that same unique character trait you have, really!

Whether it is fashion and hairstyles or personality and looks, for some reason there is always that person that reminds others of you.


I am no fashionista, but I know how to put clothes together and make them look somewhat good. But a secret between you and I, I Google outfits, you know like “what to wear to a movie date”. Wait, you don’t? Well, truth is our clothes are so similar or exactly the same it’s sickening. A lot of people’s fashion sense derives from being inspired by someone.

No? Ok so let’s say you a hippy, well so is hippy number two next to you who also has a unique dress sense, and “don’t care attitude”. So then how are you unique? Is it the way you carry yourself?


Well, lets dissect that, I might be an introvert or extravert but so is someone else. Can we still be unique? You can, right? Think about it, no one can be as crazy as you, as outspoken as you, as kind hearted as you or as… But then on the other hand there is someone whose craziness, outspokenness and kindness can closely match yours.

Hay there is even someone in this world who is a close identical to you. Yep, we all have a doppelgänger out there that might be a different race or even sex to us but nonetheless somewhat looks like us. And I am not talking about people related to us; I am talking COMPLETE STRANGERS…

So then, can we be unique?

Truth is I don’t know but I do know that I am no creator of human beings or a scientist. I’m just a human being that is not afraid to say that a lot of our personality and fashion sense comes from coping someone else, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Yep sometimes you start acting like your friends, speaking with another accent and/or dressing like someone else and that’s ok. Like babies, we adapt to our surroundings and are drawn to what we like and then adapt those likes to what is comfortable in our being. ,,,AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Being unique is being true to you, regardless of what you have adapted in life or mimicked along the way, as long as you are you and not the next Beyoncè, then I believe you are unique.



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